We get asked so often, “Why is the company named ‘A Loving Spoon?’

My vision is becoming so clear, and the answer to this question has come full circle.

I am a mama via adoption, but A Loving Spoon was born before our little Samarah was. It was born after I was diagnosed with Colitis, and once I was diagnosed with Colitis, I learned to love myself with food and healing holistically. The story can be found HERE, but states….

….Every night you would find her digging into the raw nut butters. As Sarah began to heal, she also stopped craving the traditional form of snacks, dessert and processed, chemical-filled foods.

Her passion for nut butters never faded, and when she was gifted a food processor, she decided to start playing with raw tree nuts, peanuts and various other ingredients. Batch after batch, flavor after flavor, a new love for dessert and flavor without guilt was born. Friends and family confirmed that bare ingredients and bold flavor didn’t have to mean a product filled with the standard ingredients.

In a heartbeat, A Loving Spoon nut butters were born. She chose to produce a product in 4 oz jars so they would be the perfect traveling and on-the-go companion for people everywhere. She decided on spoons over knives to further enhance what was already perfectly acceptable and divine: eating nut butters straight out of the jar, on a spoon or with the index finger! She became devoted to these brand new ways of thinking about nut butter, and about the experience people would have each loving spoonful they took.

But nothing happens on accident, and I believe that naming the company A Loving Spoon was just a set up for what was to come….Samarah and the passion my husband and I have for children like Samarah.

Getting Samarah felt like a whole new lease on life and on love, and about that time, it hit us that A Loving Spoon was meant to serve a very clear purpose and mission.

Loving: ourselves more, life daily, each other always.

Loving ourselves more, life daily, each other always alovingspoon.com

I believe that the best brands are those who strive to give back and seek to do what they can for the greater good, and for A Loving Spoon this greater good only screams love and celebrates this love by providing hope to children.

My vision for the company is to provide hope for children through the money (and hopefully the trips we will take to be actively involved) we are able to give from A Loving Spoon. We have already started with our Love+ 1 Food Project for orphans in Haiti. I want to grow this as much as possible, but always with the intention of helping orphans in other countries or children in the foster care system in the United States (where Samarah is from).

Choosing A Loving Spoon doesn’t mean you’re just getting a jar of the best nut butter you’ve ever had for your spoon, but instead that together we are giving hope to a child who may only have that hope to cling to.

Mother Theresa said,

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. 

Small Things, Great Love. Mother Theresa. alovingspoon.com 2

With just our tiny spoon, and passion that makes the cup runneth over daily, we are certain these small things can change the world.

Purely Cacao Wooden Spoon alovingspoon.com

And we are grateful for your support, always.

With love,