The A Loving Spoon nut butters used to call the Mason Jar “home.”

Locals would buy the product, I’d place in a Mason Jar and deliver to them for pure indulgence.

Once we started shipping nationwide and selling to more people than just locals, it seemed like the Mason Jar would no longer be an option.

Until now.

This week, we will launch our second flavor, Purely Cacao, in Mason Jars.

Purely Cacao Nib Mason Jars

Why Mason Jars?

There is no doubt about it, but Mason Jars do present many more challenges than the current 4oz BPA-free jar. But here are the 2 main reasons why we have decided on Mason Jars, at least for now, for the Purely Cacao:

  1. Eco-Friendly. Mason Jars are eco-friendly, and they can be re-used over-and-over again. Once you’re done with your jar of nut butter, you can easily wash and find an alternative use for it. While I realize that my company does still use non eco-friendly materials, I will always continue to seek solutions to minimize.
  2. You asked for it. Ever since we launched the Honey Vanilla Bourbon Peanut Butter, people have wondered “where the Mason Jars went.” We love Mason Jars, the value and the tradition they bring, but we didn’t know how much you loved them, until you told us.

Shipping glass jars presents many more problems and ultimately is more expensive, but we are ready to give the classic look a try.

All the little things (and bigger things like, Ingredients Matter) are important to us.

This is just another detail.

We hope you love it.

With love,