In May, I told you, “No Shark Tank, but We Never Give Up.”

And so I didn’t give up (as I was reminded by from my friend Erika of Not Ketchup today).

Shark Tank Update

Since then, we won the Whole Foods Small Producer Grant, got into the San Francisco Airporthave done events with Williams Sonoma in Union Square, San Francisco, launched a new flavor and I was able to tell the A Loving Spoon nut butter story via the August, 2015 HERLIFE Magazine cover story.

So imagine my surprise this afternoon as I was working away and noticed a missed call + voicemail.

It was Shark Tank.

I called back and this is what she said,

I was calling to let you know that spots have been filled for season 7, but we are interested in you for season 8. You won’t need to apply again. We will call you in March.

And that was it.

Shark Tank producer told me a long time back that they only call back if/when they are interested, so as you can imagine, I just sort of sat there for a second and thought,

Wow. Did that really just happen?

Alas, it did happen.

Of course this still does not mean we’ll make the show. What it does mean is that I have roughly 6 months to keep on keepin’ on, growing the business and delivering….one loving spoonful at a time.

With love,