Earlier this week we shared about why the company is named A Loving Spoon, and today I want to tell you about Stories of Hope.

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Giving back and providing hope for children is not just an idea, something that happens in “theory.” These are real stories that happen every single day.

Stories of hope happen in the United States, in your communities and they happen in countries and communities you might not even know exist.

But these stories should be celebrated, and we want to celebrate them, however they might look.

YOU might be a part of these stories.

  • Have you been adopted (via domestic or international adoption)? 
  • Have you adopted(via domestic or international adoption)?
  • Have you traveled abroad on a mission to provide hope to children?
  • Are you a family who takes in foster children?
  • Do you have a cause, close to your heart, that benefits children who go without in America?
  • Is there a cause or passion you have that devotes itself towards giving this hope to children?

If you saw yourself in any of those statements above (or something similar), we want to hear your story!

A Loving Spoon will be telling your stories. We call them:

Stories of Hope

If you are interested in sharing, please contact us HERE or to use your own email client, please email (info @ a lovingspoon.com).

We can’t wait to share your stories!

Love+ 1 Food Project - Haiti with 147 Million Orphans via www.alovingspoon.com Girl

With love,