“While I do believe that A Loving Spoon nut butter is the most delicious and unique nut butter out there, I also believe that a product without purpose leaves a business without mission.” – Sarah Kay Hoffman, founder and CEO

We are setting aside 10c from each jar purchased, and those funds will go directly to our 147 Million Orphans Love+ 1 Food Project which benefits “a precious school in Haiti with over 600 students. The school has a lunch program that helps daily to provide for the nutritional needs of these students, and they are constantly in need of funding. For $6 per month, you can provide a basic lunch for one child or $72 for the year. Feed a child or the entire school – your gift provides for the critical needs of these students.”

Whether you purchase via our website, through a special event or at a local store (we are currently only available in 3 stores: The Daily Grind Espresso Shop in Waseca, MN, Van’s Health Foods in Livermore, CA and Arya Farm Produce in Mountain House/Tracy, CA), 10c of each jar will be donated.

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Our Mission: Begins with Love

While we believe that A Loving Spoon nut butters are the most delicious and unique nut butters out there, we also believe that a product without purpose leaves a business without mission.

Since our mission begins with love, we donate 10c of each jar purchased to the 147 Million Orphans Love+ 1 Food Project – Haiti.

The company’s story contains deeply-rooted seeds of love. Our story began with a journey towards healing and learning to love self, life and (ultimately) others in a more meaningful way. In the process of living, loving and healing, a passion for nut butters was born.

A Loving Spoon nut butters are just the beginning of this story, and we have big dreams for delivering carefully crafted messages and stories through their charming taste. The message roots all point to love.

Loving: ourselves more, life daily and each other always.

A Loving Spoon nut butters is dedicated to producing a portable and superior dessert and snack nut butter which combines pure, bare ingredients to produce bold flavors and never an ounce of guilt.

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